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About Rebecca

I love food. Like, really love food.

My passion for cooking (and eating) runs deep. But it wasn’t until I started dealing with digestive issues of my own that I started to appreciate how our bodies uniquely respond to the different foods we eat. Through my own (ongoing) journey and training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I’ve learned more about the relationship between food and our bodies than I ever had before. I began to understand how our bio-individuality has to be taken into consideration when developing our own nourishing and healing diet. But I don’t believe you have to give up your love for food just because you’re working through health issues that may require certain things to be eliminated from your diet. 

I believe food can and should be an integral part of any healing journey. But what I’ve commonly found is that people faced with food restrictions due to health automatically assume they don’t get to eat “good” food anymore and that eating a “healthy” diet means eating bland, boring food day after day.

There are a couple big food misconceptions I’d like to challenge.

First, “healthy” is a completely relative term and depends entirely on the individual. Eggs and almonds are commonly considered “healthy” foods but if your body doesn’t respond well to these foods, they aren’t going to make you feel very “healthy” at all.

Second, food that nourishes your body can and should also be delicious and satisfying (even occasionally indulgent). Just because you’re on an elimination diet or some other restrictive diet while you work through health issues doesn’t mean you should resign your love of food. It just means you have the opportunity to get outside your food comfort zone, try new things, and get creative!

This is why I love highlighting nutrient-dense, seasonal food as one of the most beautiful, powerful, and (most importantly) delicious ways we can care for our bodies, connect with fellow humans, and honor the environment. Eating, cooking, and sharing meals is what makes us human and we all deserve to eat well. 

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